Who we are

I can remenber intact eternally and unforgettable, I walked the camino viejo in my memories and will be the same for my children´s grandchildren.
The orchard of my infancy was the same as my father´s in “rebotica de Benissa”. The same as romantic garden of his grandparents who had a Factory, also the arid farm of my grandparents in Alhabia, the cool bodega under the willow tree.
The summers in Burgos with the garden in Pozanos Street. It´s always the same peice of old land mixed with memories of the early morning the smell of humid earth rising from the Banks populated with orange trees.
The silence of the dry afternoons cigarrets, long naps is broken by the bell ringing from Ermita de Sanz and the festivities of Saint Anthony.
Also I remenber nights as a child steepwalking and inocent, later beeing in love and curious, and escaping to Anouer looking for the smell of incense according to Carmina Murana.
Yes the starry nigths and bathing naked in the moonlight amongst the dense smell of jazmin.
Childhood memories of turrón ice-cream in Espill and the sea looking over Albir, from the gardens next to the Altea sailing club.
Coming back as the night was descending over the side of the Sierra Gelada, with the last of the red sunset showing through the crack in the Puig Campana.
Also the potent sunset red and pink over the poniente.
Feeling sad at the end of the day that was finishing it nearly paralised you, slowly I woke from the distant sound of Fireworks of the pot, passing through the palmeral darkend and shadowed, we came back to the threatening murmer of Benidorm town.
Bored with fast living, repetative Monday,s always getting home late and in a bad humos. Tired of being locked in cheap entertainment, that only others can enjoy in my opinión. Tired of fighting bars and bumping into zombies addicts to mobile phones.
Drowning under the noise of cars and motor-cycles and people lost looking in to hundreds of shop windows.
Today my wife and I and my children have returned to the Camino Viejo and the old garden. We have planted tomatoes and peppers. Cut down the bouganvillas and hedges when necessary. Prepared the roses and plant the plathways. We are once again perfumed in jazmin and can get drunk on the smell from the oranges trees.
We are back to having lunches with Friends and open the doors to feel the garden with laughter starry nights and kisses.
To celebrate magical events and village parties: Welcome become fiends of the Camino Viejo and that you may participate in my memories.
For Laura, my parents, my children… in a very happy night