The property

Finca Camino Viejo is situated on the willside of Sierra Helada, very close to Benidorm. It is a plantation of 50.000m2 of orange and lemon trees, and also included are 400 Phoenix Canarensis palm trees enclosed witn gardens and pine trees.
A Wall of cypress surround the premises affording magnificant views of the Puig Campana.
On the property there is a house museum containg a collection of spanish furniture from “XIX” century. This is reserved very special meetings or photographic reports.
Around the main building there are large areas protected fron the sun, which makes it the perfect place for ceremonias, cocktails, concerts and presentations.

The main entrance

A large black iron gate opens onto the estate from Albir. The entrance is lined by cypress and palm trees with a long Avenue leading to the main house. Where as hosts you can arrive in a vintage car or carriage and house. To join your guests for the celebration.

The swimming pools of lions

The swimming pool is located in a pastoral setting. Ideal for ceremonias or wedding vows. It is surrounded by Ivy and cypress trees a lawn and two lions dominaling the pool. Also around the pool are jacarandas, olive trees, sugar cane making a beautiful scene for any kind of celebration.

The Olive Grove

Behind the house there is a large light plot af land 1000m2 wich joins the pool and the garden. It has a grove of ancient twisting olive trees surrounded by cipress. Here we have another convienet spot for the most picturesque celebrations.

The Explanade for Banquets

We have concreted land 700m2 surrounded by palm trees, but mainly a sea of orange groves.
Giving a panoramic view of the valley and the mountain. All the events in this area are evenings of pure magic, fantastic sunsets and star studded skies.
The main past of the event s take place here in this grand plaza. Tables laid with exquisite materials and flowers combering with the table wane. Making it a worth while combination heaven and Paradise of flowers.
This whole painting will capture your senses as you arrive for a banquette, delicious cuisine and wines.

The Roof

As an anex there is a wooden roof built amogst Ivy and Palm wich fits perfectly to the surroundings. Allowing protect on for events and celebrations if the climate is not perfect.
It is also ideal for day-time events because it is cool and shady, cemented land approx. 200m2 with the possibility to amplifey through the use of marquees up to 400m2.

Other instalations

Next to the road wiht an a accesable entrance, we have a parking for 120 cars taken care of and assisting personal to help park on arrival.
Also it is big enough for coach-parties of any size.
The public bathrooms are in the before mentioned zones, are decorated rustic tiles, Green marble and fresh flowers. Ther is also a room for invalid people.
The will be a lady in charge of the bath room during the whole event.